For every trending firm in the country, there must be something unique that makes it stand out. So in this guide, we are closely looking at the unique Throne Bet functionalities. These are features and aspects, making them feature among the top betting companies in Tanzania.

First, we noted their news section’s exclusivity; they give highlights and in-depth updates of all happenings in the sports world. In addition to their undisrupted focus on sports news, Throne Bet tz proceeds to avail wagering tools, offers, fixtures and results. However, since this is a sports-related review of the company, we will only touch on the related topics and inform you of all new stuff coming from their platforms.


Here is what you will learn from this Thronebet Review:

  1. Their coverage of football and sports betting
  2. Mobile app availability
  3. The promotion variety
  4. Their help desk unit

How can you start betting with Thronebet Tanzania?

This phase is merely requiring you to complete their enrollment procedures. Punters don’t really need to be some sort of nerds to master the joining steps. Instead, you just need to follow our steps, links and get your new profile underway.

Why should you go on to register Thronebet account? There might be no definite answer to that, but wrapping up all the reasons leaves us with one. That is “To enjoy their amicable resources, win big and have access to professional services”

They are all about mature investment opportunities. Thus with the following steps, you should get started with your Thronebet betting;

  1. Visit one of their offices
  2. Present your national ID to get an account created by their agent
  3. Choose any events you would like to bet on and pay at the office
  4. Collect your winnings anytime

Throne Bet Football and Sport bets

Before we advance with this investigation, you should note that they have branches in almost every major town in Tanzania. Additionally, there are no online Thronebet ticket booking functionalities, and thus their website only serves as an information channel.

You can get details on daily, weekly and all other fixtures in addition to their exclusive bonus information. Thronebet betting site also avails a results section through which punters can confirm the outcome of their picked selections. Their failure to avail online betting services would be ideal in creating that business serenely.

However, it is still an inconvenience to our countrymen from areas with no Throne Bet branches. Here are the primary sporting events users can invest in:

  1. Football
  2. Rugby
  3. Basketball
  4. Ice Hockey
  5. Volleyball
  6. Tennis
  7. Handball
  8. Baseball

The odds values are significantly high, with more than 100 of them for their 300+ events presented on a daily bases. To book your ticket, the getting started procedure highlighted at the beginning should help out. Just access your Thronebet tz account, play and access your wins from the office. It is seemingly more like the old school approach. Still, it is a very reliable way to build the players’ trust since the legibility and safety issues are never of significant concern.

Throne Bet Tanzania App Online Download

Taking into account the fact that they don’t host online betting services, the availability of a mobile apk would not be a necessity. Therefore, there is no guide on how to download Thronebet app that can get you to a legit and authorized application at the moment.

 thronebet app

When we talk of downloading, available downloads are for daily updates, short fixtures, complete fixtures and the official results of games. To download Thronebet fixtures on the phone, you will need to go through the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you have a smartphone. The device type doesn’t count in this. Hence, you can be on Android, iOS, Blackberry or any other mobile phone
  2. Make sure that your phone is connected to the internet
  3. Go to Throne
  4. On the homepage, you will see download buttons for all fixtures. Tap the mentioned button based on the pdf you want to load
  5. Always remember that all the other Thronebet terms and conditions apply

Their mobile site is quite exceptional with optimal operational capacity. Therefore, even with no mobile applications to access fixtures, and the other details from this bookie, one can still get down to business and play comfortably.

Throne Bet Bonuses and Promotions

Currently, it is a big deal for users to study every company’s promotions page and identify viable offers that can boost their wallets. Unfortunately, the incentives aspect is not well diversified here, a scenario that can be related to the lacking Throne Bet online operations. That’s because there is no digital storage of the player’s activities and rewarding wouldn’t be applicable based on one’s history.

 thronebet bonuses

Yes, they don’t have a lot of shiny and attractive offers, but they do have one excellent bonus package. Their only gift is the Throne Bet Tanzania accumulator bonus, which is paid in cash. Thus players can win more in real money. That’s unlike what competing firms offer (other pay in bonus cash which can only be used as stake). Their multi-bet reward system gives a multiplier of up to 300%, and the following table shows how it is divided:

Number of legs/gamesAccrued Thronebet bonus amount

Players with substantial experience and skills of predicting the outcomes different sporting events can make the most out of these bonuses. Going up to the 300% Thronebet bonus mark and win is not easy, but if you have a good number of safe picks from the weekly or daily fixtures, try to go for it. The bottom line in this is that the more your reward’s percentage gets, the smaller the stake you should invest. That’s because, once your accumulator lengthens, your edge becomes significantly low.

Throne Bet Cash Back Bonus

If you are looking for the money-back promotion offered when one selection kicks you out, this is the wrong place to be. Possibly their online service will come with such gifts. As they have mentioned in the news forum, online Thronebet operations will be on soon.

Throne Bet Contact – customer support service

Presumably, there will be no need for you to reach the support unit since almost everything is done physically. However, at times you might want to confirm if there is a branch in your location. Still, you might want to confirm the availability of specific events in their fixtures that’s before you head to the nearest office.

 thronebet support

Reach the support department for any reason using these Thronebet contacts:

  1. Contact form
  2. You can also email them at


Investing in this bookmaker is simple and less demanding. Unlike in competing firms, you don’t need a lot of experience in online betting and access to resources. All you will need the Thronebet website for is to download the fixtures, and everything else takes place in their physical offices. However, as many punters would agree, it is advantageous on the safety front, but very inconveniencing. That’s because users cannot play from anywhere, and anytime they feel lucky.

Additionally, with the modern era of digitization, many people are embracing the use of phones and other latest internet access tools.


Throne Bet how to bet?

This is what pushes them out of the market, especially when compared to big brands like 1xbet Tz. Users have to make an effort of visiting a Thronebet shop to see any operations through. Here is the simple procedure:

  1. Visit their shop
  2. Present your identification card to get a profile created
  3. You will be served with the login details
  4. Download Thronebet fixtures from their site or ask for a copy from the agent
  5. Make your selections and present them to the staff member at the shop
  6. Pay the amount of stake included in your ticket

What is the Throne Bet?

It is a sports betting company

How to deposit Throne Bet?

Pay in cash or electronically at one of their branches