If you probably have a list of demands to find on your bookie, Meridianbet co tz is the only platform to quench your diversity and variety pickiness. Punters enjoy well-optimized interfaces where every market, bet option and possibly, promotion ever discerned can be accessed.

They start embracing your terms with a no-loss first ticket whereby if the first bet is lost, they refund your stake in full. That may sound really amazing, but, bettors should be aware of the other many Meridian bet bonus packages. The offers and other betting resources by this firm are attached to their three main markets; sports, virtuals and the casino den.


Additionally, there are quite some cool settings to customize the view of their site custom features such as language and odds display. Since the ages of old Meridianbet, this bookie has been on the lead in Tanzania that’s together with their close competitors, the Parimatch company.

Here is what we have covered about Meridianbet

  1. A review of their desktop version
  2. Markets
  3. Special offers and odds quality
  4. Their mobile app
  5. Viable promotions and bonuses
  6. Top Meridianbet payment options and involved steps
  7. The right channels to reach the help desk team

Desktop Website review

The moment you head to their site today, its difference from what users had in the old Meridianbet is boldly seeable. The variation can be seen in the loading speed, graphic aspect, and the entire layout of icons and descriptions.

meridianbet review

Interestingly, navigations are way easier on the old Meridian bet site as buttons leading to essential functionalities are strategically placed with a high visibility guarantee. Of course, the new design encompasses new and slightly advanced features. However, these features seem to be randomly compressed within a single design without a navigation menu to space them up.

That does not mean there is any cause for alarm in their update since players can actually achieve more with the new version. Fortunately, both versions are availed for both desktop and mobile device users. Access the interface of your choice at www Meridianbet co tz and start playing like a pro. We expected and confirmed a better coverage, and system stability on desktop, although the mobile version is fantastic as well and better in terms of user experience.


Meridianbet tz market activities largely contribute to the large number of customers served by this company. Every user has their preference catered for with all betting avenues ever introduced into the modern industry involved. So how unique or normal is your choice of avenues to invest with? That doesn’t matter since the basic, which are the primary Meridian bet Tanzania markets include sports, virtual, and casino markets.

They even proceed to avail modern and impressive customization of the three main markets in the live casino, live sports, Esports and the lotteries coverage. In every market, you have hundreds of events while each game hosts over 50 ways to win. There is no way a player even when completely new in this business will miss a high-potential pick or picks for their ticket. Below we have taken a keener look at each avenue:

Meridian Casino

Their den is also available in the old Meridianbet co tz version, but accessing these products here is not a wise move. That’s because it might take a lot of your time loading, and at times fail to connect correctly with the provider’s software. After all, why would you go for old version Meridianbet online after their developers put such efforts to improve your experience with the latest interface?

meridianbet casino

If getting good at flexing your smartness on casino games, the following is a list of their top categories from which you get to choose any promising events:

  1. Drops and Wins
  2. Premium Casino
  3. Slots
  4. Jackpot games
  5. Poker
  6. Table games
  7. Live dealer events

They have good and trustable providers ensuring that casino enthusiasts get the best out of their wagering with this firm. Their main software partners are Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Expanse, and Novomatic-GreenTube.


Hope you have tried to play Meridianbet sport online and enjoyed the plentiful nature of bet options, games and analysis tools. If you have not, make the decision now and start by checking the statistics section to get insights into possible secure predictions.

meridianbet sports

For players lacking sufficient internet connection or a connectable device, use the code *149*10# to initialize the Meridian bet tz USSD betting system. Here are the sports games users love to get involved in:

  1. Soccer
  2. Basketball
  3. Baseball
  4. Tennis
  5. American Football
  6. Cricket
  7. Rugby
  8. Darts
  9. Badminton
  10. Biathlon
  1. Boxing
  2. Cycling
  3. Aussie rules
  4. Futsal
  5. Water polo
  6. Politics
  7. Martial arts
  8. Golf

Basically, all available sports-related activities of the day are always hosted here and their respective live occurrences covered as well.

Meridianbet Odds and offers

Have you ever wondered why old Meridianbet and its latest design always gets the best of Tanzanian player’s loyalty? The reason is hidden in their odd’s decency. Even when an odd value appears to be low, punters always get the value of their investment.

In short, there are instances of special Merdianbet boosted odds, but, still the standard odds remain admirable and hard to find in other bookies. In addition to the magnificent odds in sports, most of this firm’s casino games feature payouts of 95%+.

Meridianbet mobile applications

In case this is the very first time trying to access this firm’s online resources, we suggest that you try the latest version of Meridianbet app. It is not the sole platform through which one is sure of executing commands smoothly, but it is currently their best interface.

They, however, fail in terms of inclusivity as the benefiters of their app technology are players on Android-enabled devices only. Before we proceed to the stage of safely launching the apk in your device, note that by getting this apk you will be signing up for a life filled with service maturity. Here is how you should download Meridianbet Android app:

  1. On your android phone, visit their official domain by tapping here
  2. At the bottom-left corner, spot a menu icon and tap it
  3. Scroll down to the extreme end of the menu-list and tap the “mobile applications” options
  4. Hit the green download icon and let the apk files get fed into your device
  5. Finally, go on to install the application and start playing

Actually, we noted that they have plans to launch an iOS application. Thus customers on these device-types are requested to look forward to a great experience soon. In the meantime, the other Smartphone operating systems can still invest and run all kind of relevant and possible operations on the mobile site for Meridianbet.

Promotions and bonuses Meridianbet

The incentives packages have taken a new path of purpose as they are not only used as gifts to appreciate customers, but they happen to be effective competition tools as well. To access the online Meridianbet bonuses and special deals, enrol with the firm first and identify the boost you would need.

meridianbet promotions

There are rewards for users participating in sports and casino, with massive jackpot prizes and boosts attached to various events. Here is a complete list of their gifts:

  1. 5% bonus on every deposit
  2. A Tsh300Million jackpot
  3. The Turbo cash offer
  4. Meridianbet plus rewards
  5. Fast bet promotions
  6. Refer a friend to earn
  7. Over 2Million Euros in the casino Drop and Wins offer
  8. 50 free spins for new users

Meridianbet Payment Methods

There are multiple Meridian bet Tanzania deposit methods which players should trust considering that they are all local banking options. The method used in making fast pay to a wallet is automatically detected by their system to be solely used in withdrawal. Here are their main approaches:

  1. Airtel Money
  2. Vodacom Mpesa
  3. Tigo Pesa
  4. KwikPay

This is the withdrawal procedure:

  1. Access your account
  2. Proceed to your profile section and choose to withdraw
  3. Specify the amount to be transacted
  4. Send the request

Alternatively, to pay into and get paid faster while avoiding the lengthy procedures, go to any nearby Meridianbet shop and request to bet assisted with the transactions.

Customer Services

To raise claims or pass any system-related and general error reports, here are the Meridianbet contact channels:

  1. Call +255 768 988 200
  2. Email info@meridianbet.co.tz


Do I have to be 18 to bet online Meridianbet?

That’s a must requirement

Can I have multiple Meridianbet accounts?

Not allowed

Does it matter if I use lowercase or capital letters for username and password?

Yes, they are case sensitive

How do I get free spins Meridianbet?

Just by enrolling

What is fast bet Meridianbet?

Wagering through their office

Can I play a system ticket?

Absolutely yes

Where can I view results Meridianbet?

Within the profile section, under the history of the bet